RegAce: Speeds Up Computer & Fixes Registry Errors

Posted on Dec 19 2015 - 4:49pm by David


Finding a good registry cleaner is not an easy task. There are a lot of cleaners available today, but only a handful of them is any good. We’ve reviewed many registry cleanup tools and found RegAce System Suite to be one of the very best. Here is our RegAce review.


RegAce is a registry cleaner from WebMinds that’s been around for a while. It started its success as a basic, yet very effective registry cleaner a couple of years back. Since then, RegAce was updated several times and new features have been added to its list of functionality.


RegAce System Suite has a number of computer speedup, maintenance, and optimization features that no other registry cleaners can rival. The program is a combination of different tool, which are:

  • PC Optimizer – a tool that cleans, repairs and optimizes the registry for best performance. It can detect and fix all sorts of registry errors, including hardware and software-related errors, ActiveX errors, missing MUI references, broken shortcuts, installer errors and so on.
  • System Cleaner – a utility that deletes junk files from your system. It helps to free up disk space and also protects your privacy by removing sensitive browser data.
  • Internet Optimizer – a very handy tool that optimizes Windows network settings to match your particular Internet connection type. This allows you to speed up Web browsing and get the most of your ISP’s plan.
  • Service Manager – by default Windows runs dozens of services. Not all of them are needed for home computer use. Service Manager helps you identify the services you don’t need and allows you to disable them in just one click.
  • Defragmenter – cleaning the registry is a good way to speed up computer performance. But when you clean the registry, it becomes fragmented. Fragmentation slows down Windows operation and consumes valuable system resources. RegAce’s Defragmenter addresses the problem and optimizes the registry for faster access.
  • Startup Manager – this utility allows you to speed up Windows startup by removing unnecessary startup items.

In addition to that, RegAce has backup functionality. When you use this registry cleaner, it creates a backup of your system and the registry before any changes are made. This makes using RegAce completely safe.

Ease of use

RegAce is one of the easiest to use registry cleaners. It has a very intuitive interface with large buttons that allow users to perform any task in only a couple of clicks. Using RegAce is as easy as following the instructions of the program.


We’ve tested RegAce on Windows XP and Windows 7. In both cases nearly 500 registry errors were detected and fixed. The scan and repair procedure was very fast. When the cleanup was done, we’ve run other RegAce tools, followed the advice the program provided and then restarted both PCs. The results were very good: we immediately noticed the improvement in startup and overall computer performance became a lot faster and more stable.


We’ve proven that RegAce is the best registry cleaner. It’s effective, safe, fast and feature-rich.

RegAce Registry Cleaner

RegAce Registry Cleaner



    Ease of Use







          • - Automatic Scanning
          • - Complete Backup Facility
          • - Advanced Scanning Engine
          • - Scheduled Scanning
          • - Manage Start-Up Programs


          • - Should add more support option such as live chat, 24x7 support etc
          • - It has no money back guarantee