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Paretlogic’s RegCure General Information

RegCure is a program that has been on the market for some time now and is a very popular registry repair product. Made by a company called ParetoLogic you can easily choose which way you want to fix your registry with RegCure. It has the same options as other registry repair software in that you can either choose to do an automatic scan and clean of your Windows registry or you can opt for a manual scan where you can fix registry problems according to your own preferences.

Using RegCure you are made aware of what is happening at every stage of the registry scanning and cleaning process through it’s very easy to understand interface.
Compatible with all the major Windows operating systems Regcure has some outstanding software features including a Windows start-up organizer and a built-in scheduler

RegCure is an absolute power-house of a registry repair. It uses highly advanced technology to scan and repair hundreds of problems lurking in your Windows Registry. Left un-checked these errors can have a devastating effect: causing crashes, lock-ups and slowing your PC down to a crawl. RegCure makes light work of fixing all such problems and optimizing your PC for top performance.

RegCure offers the standard Registry Scanning options, as well as some more advanced settings such as creating a system restore point before fixing errors, checking for updates automatically and best of all, being able to schedule scans.

Go to the official RegCure by ParetoLogic Inc website

Installation &  Ease of Use

RegCure Pro comes in a small installation file which can be installed  quickly into your Windows computer. Once installed, you are presented with an intuitive  user interface. The options such as Scan, Settings, Back up, Manage Start Up  and Result are labeled clearly and rather self-explanatory.  It designed to get your computer back into a healthy  and optimized condition quickly.

Features &  Performance

Some of the useful feature sets available in RegCure Pro are:

  • Scan, Repair & Optimize
  • Easy to use UI (User Interface)
  • Real-time Scan Results
  • Manual / Scheduled Scans
  • Backup / Restore Registry
  • Manage Startup Settings
  • Increased System Performance

The clear interface that guides you to perform the best action according to your needs doesn’t actually involve any guessing or learning.You can even set up the software to automatically scan and fix registry errors or for the more advanced users, there is an option to manually pinpoint the exact error and deal with it accordingly.

The RegCure Review

RegCure is easy to install and it only takes one mouse click. After the instillation is complete the interface that shows up is clean looking and simple to use. It is very easy to understand and can be operated by even the most computer challenged user where being technical ability is not a problem. It starts with the scanning options display. The panel shows what can be scanned by the program and has eleven different options. Included in these options to be scanned are uninstall entries, shared dlls, activeX paths, and font entries. Run your mouse over these options in the program and a window allows you to learn more information about them. You can uncheck any of these options if you do not want to scan them or leave RegCure to scan all of the entries at once.

Upon scanning RegCure shows you exactly what it is doing, the scan is quick and progress is shown as it happens. A comprehensive list of registry errors appears once the scan is complete. It also shows you where the errors are located within your operating system. Your choices after this are to allow RegCure to automatically fix registry errors or to manually repair the files that you choose yourself. Doing it manually gives you the option to go through each file individually but this usually for someone who has a working knowledge of the Windows registry. Letting RegCure do it automatically is accomplished with just one click of the mouse.

Another feature found in RegCure includes the backup and restore option. If you are running Vista or Windows XP you can backup your registry files via RegCure. So if any accidental deletion of important registry files does occur you simply restore your computer to its previous state quickly. If you are using Windows 2000 or Windows 98 then every time the program removes a registry file a backup of that file is created.

Tell RegCure when you want your registry to be scanned by using it’s built in scheduler. This allows you to scan your registry as often or as little as you want automatically and know that the task has been taken care of so you can strike this chore off your to do list.

Having a Windows start up manager is another prominent feature of RegCure. Your computer will boot up quicker if you utilize this feature. It allows you to choose which programs you want to launch at start up and this will easily speed up your computer starting procedure. Normally unneeded programs will automatically begin running at start-up which greatly slows down your systems performance.

Paretlogic’s RegCure Help & Support

RegCure comes with a detailed help file included with the software. Also ParetoLogic Inc, the RegCure developers have a comprehensive knowledge base on their website if you are having problems. You can also email their technical support via the website and lookup your license key if you happen to lose it.

What We Don’t Like

  • There’s nothing much not to like about RegCure, unless you use the free version of course. Because all it does is let you know what it wants to clean for you but it won’t actually clean them until you buy the full version.
  • Also uninstalling RegCure Pro doesn’t actually remove itself from the registry so you would probably have to manually do this.
  • Small gripes aside, RegCure the full version is fairly reliable product that has worked for many people. Besides if tinkering with your system registry frightens you, RegCure Pro has a backup facility which allows you to restore previous settings in case something goes wrong.

Go to the official RegCure by ParetoLogic Inc website


RegCure Pro is able to do deep scanning and have an excellent error fixing features that will certainly result in an improvement of your PC performance. Fixing is done quickly and in a safe manner. Cost wise, it’s not prohibitive so it’s worth spending the amount for a faster and stable computer. If you don’t need thousands of features, RegCure is for you as the program only packages what is actually necessary.


RegCure Pro

RegCure Pro



    Ease of Use







          • - Get your PC’s speed and performance back
          • - So easy to use – even for very new computer users
          • - Uses the most sophisticated scanning & repair technology
          • - Repair hundreds of dangerous PC errors & problems
          • - Scan, repair, compress and defrag your registry – fast


          • - Trial version too limited

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