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RegistryFix General Information

Registry Fix is very easy to use and an effective tool for cleaning your registry. After installing and running Registry Fix on our test system, it found a large amount of problems and only took about two minutes to finish scanning! Windows Explorer issues and System32 errors, ActiveX controls, DLL issues, are just some of the errors RegistryFix will scan and fix. We were able to repair all of the problems and enjoyed a significant boost in startup speed and operating speed. Registry Fix also got rid of a startup error message we were receiving.

This Registry Cleaner offers a lot of different options when scanning your system. Also included are “Managers”. These include a BHO Manager, which helps get rid of unwanted internet browser toolbars, Startup Program Manager, which helps remove unwanted startup items and increase your operating systems startup speed. There are several other managers, one of which helps you backup your registry to ensure that you can restore it, if something happens.

Registry Fix can be set to run at startup. Setting this will allow the program to scan your computer for registry issues each time you start your computer. I recommend scanning manually, so you can choose when to scan.

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The RegistryFix Review

Opening RegistryFix for the first time shows you a great graphical program interface, with a number of clearly labelled buttons. These include Advanced Options, Live Update, Preferences, and Backup. The operations are performed from the scanning area of the program. Your options include a complete registry scan which allows the program to scan every area of your Windows registry automatically or you can try the number of scan options the program offers by selecting the check box options. Included in these options are scans on Windows Fonts, your operating systems Application Paths, Start-up Programs or Help Files.

One your scan options have been chosen then simply click the Scan Now button which is big and orange RegistryFix will progress and scan the contents of your registry looking for potential problems. You can watch the scan progressing quickly where you are shown the progress of registry problems found in the individual data areas that are present within your computer registry. On completion (which only takes seconds) your options are to simply remove the entire problem files found or take your time and manually review each of the registry entries and decide if you want them to stay or go.
Backup is another option that is included in RegistryFix. Within this area you can back up all your registry files before performing your scan just in case any essential registry data is accidentally deleted. If any problems do occur then it is a simple task to reinstall the registry back to where it was before your scan.
There are also advanced options included in RegistryFix, one is the Browser Helper Object Manager. BHO’s come in the form of unwanted tool bars or other Internet Explorer add-ons that get installed without your knowledge or permission. Removing or deactivating these objects is easy using the RegistryFix Browser Helper Object Manager.

The Start-up Program Manager is another advanced option. You can take control of all your start-up programs if you use this program. Valuable resources are taken up by these start-up programs on your computer while in reality most of them are not required during start up. If you want to improve your systems performance than you can either delete or just remove these programs from your start up list.

In the Preferences tab you can choose to have RegistryFix start-up with Windows, create an ignore list of files not to scan and have the program make a log file each time it performs a scan.

You can also get the latest program updates simply by clicking the Live Update button in the program.

RegistryFix Help & Support

Help is available via the program interface and you can contact support also from inside RegistryFix if you are having problems that aren’t answered in the help file. RegistryFix also has live support available.

Go to the official RegistryFix website

RegistryFix Review Specs

  • Automatic or Manual Scan Feature
  • Backup and Restore Feature
  • Built-In Scheduler
  • Windows Start-up Manager
  • Browser Objects Manager
  • Scan Progress Shown
  • Ignore List

Registryfix Review – Conclusion

But, there are a few things that can be enhanced upon. As an example, you will have to purchase the complete version of the software if you need the customer service help. The time it takes to scan your pc is a little longer than some other similar software. With Registry fix you can take away all those exasperating errors and increase the speed of your computer. The software also comes with a sixty day money back guarantee if for any reason you don’t like the performance of the software. I will end this registryfix review by stating it is critical to keep your computer registry in good condition and this can only be done by using the best registry fix software.





    Ease of Use







          • - Scan your PC for errors in the registry
          • - Repair dozens of serious PC problems easily
          • - Easy to use and not just for techies!
          • - Over 6 million downloads so far
          • - Repairs blue screen, lock-ups, crashes & error messages


          • - Sometimes takes longer time to scan.